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Twelve Bar Club, in Denmark Street. Cool Kat Kev.

The Alley Cat, in Denmark Street. Every Sunday. Cool Kat Kev.

The Blue Post, Rupert Street. Single nights. Cool Kat Kev.

The Vinyl Bar, Hanway Street. Every Saturday and single nights. Cool Kat Kev and Dr. Whatever.

Savoy Bar, Gijon, Spain.

Rocket Bar, Oviedo, Spain.

A la mar, Surf Bar, Salinas, Spain.


The Regency Tavern, Russell Square, Brighton. Cool Kat Kev and Dr. Whatever.

Queen's Head Picadilly, London.

Gerry's Club, Soho, London.

Muphoria Art Gallery, Soho, London.


Trisha´s or New Evaristo Club, in Soho. Many different nights besides the Sunday Rockin' Club.

Sunday Rocking Club Flyer
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